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Executive Function

Rhode Island Council Executive Director Elizabeth Francis

Executive Function with Elizabeth Francis

Tim Henderson

Executive Function with Tennessee’s Tim Henderson

Books and literature are at the center of Humanities Tennessee's programming

Executive Function with Julie Fry

Julie Fry wants the diverse voices of California to be heard across the state.

Photo of Stuart Rockoff

Executive Function with Mississippi's Stuart Rockoff

Stuart Rockoff confronts Mississippi’s complicated history.

Angel Ysaguirre

Executive Function with Angel Ysaguirre

Illinois Humanities works to bring together people to discuss different perspectives in productive ways.

Deborah Watrous

Executive Function with Deborah Watrous

New Hampshire's humanities council takes its state's affinity for civic engagement into account in devising its public programming.

Laurie Zierer

Executive Function with Laurie Zierer

Pennsylvania Humanities Council director Laurie Zierer works to close achievement gaps through reading, collaboration, and storytelling.

Photo of Shannon Smith, executive director of Wyoming Humanities.

Executive Function with Shannon Smith

The state humanities council in Wyoming helps people Think WY.

Alabama's Armand DeKeyser

Alabama’s Armand DeKeyser

A former U.S. Senate chief of staff makes the humanities accessible.

Brenna Daugherty Gerhardt

North Dakota’s Brenna Daugherty Gerhardt

Looking to be a game changer.