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Editor's Notes

Editor's Note, January/February 2008

Cue the tango music, because this issue of Humanities magazine is all about passion, that often celebrated, but most unruly element of human character.

Words Have Consequences

Editor's Note, November/December 2007

A magazine should suggest to the reader the existence of a world outside one's door that is larger and more interesting than he or she would have imagined had they not read the magazine.

Editor’s Note, September/October 2007

Editor's Note, July/August 2007

Creating the American Character

Editor's Note, May/June 2007

of Mansfield and Machiavelli

Editor's Note, March/April 2007

Open Knowledge, Open Source

Editor’s Note, January/February 2007

Editor’s Note, November/December 2006

Game Playing

Editor’s Note, September/October 2006

Hunting for Treasure