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Editor's Notes

Editor's Note, January/February 2013

Recently, a young African-American reader told me she did not see herself in the covers of HUMANITIES.

Editor's Note, November/December 2012

From the vaulted arch to Celebrating Freedom.

Editor's Note, July/August 2012

From questions of legacy to a writer's talents for cinema review and scene-making.

Editor's Note, September/October 2011

Oberlin, Ohio, becomes unlikely point of convergence in this issue.

Editor's Note, July/August 2011

In this issue we take in the legacies of two celebrated Americans, whose love of country was profoundly qualified. Robert E.

Editor's Note, May/June 2011

How is it that our culture has studied and written and published large libraries’ worth of new books on the Civil War, and yet reading Drew Gilpin Faust, this year’s Jefferson Lecturer, is like discov

Editor's Note, March/April 2011

In this issue, we honor the 2010 Humanities Medalists.

Editor's Note, January/February 2011

Many of us will contemplate the Civil War during the sesquicentennial, and Randall Fuller inaugurates the proceedings with a study of how the war changed the poetry of Walt Whitman.

Editor's Note, November/December 2010

Here’s a scary thought on the eve of the Civil War sesquicentennial: In the 1860 election, Abraham Lincoln was utterly beatable.

Editor's Note, September/October 2010

The great fear of those in the business of promoting the humanities is that people will realize we have nothing new to say.