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Blast issue no. 1

Paging Modernism . . .

Dante Alighieri

Of Circles, Terraces, and Spheres

A little rusty on the Dante you read as an undergraduate? Like to brush up a bit on some points in the Inferno, like that “mal” something?

Image of cover of Cita Excelentissima

City Desk

Renaissance diarist Marin Sanudo’s political ambitions nearly truncated his accomplishment as a daily recorder of events in what was arguably the world’s most powerful and dynamic city of the day, Ven

Mogollon Rim

Them Is Fightin’ Words

Disputes in Mogollon Rim in late nineteenth century inspired stories by Zane Grey.

Image of Astrolabe, M-26, Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum, Chicago, IL

History of Science at the Adler Planetarium

The Adler Planetarium’s history of science collection is one of the world’s most important, and includes the astrolabe pictured here.

Image of Josef Albers

Intellectual Retreat

Educational experiment attracted artists, musicians, free spirits

Image of  stained glass window

Stained-Glass Heaven

"The Tiffany of the Northwest"

Dante reading to humanists

Dante: Auctor, Autore

Now that's Italian!

Image of Fats Domino's piano

“Saving Fats”

Beguiling post-Katrina story-telling

Book cover for Network Nation

Telecommunications Triumphs

Communications revolution set in motion by optical telegraph and early telephone.