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William Byrd II

William Byrd Was a Colonial-era Surveyor and Satirist

How he helped draw the line between Virginia and North Carolina.

Book jacket for The Crusades of Cesar Chavez

New Biography of Cesar Chavez Unearths Gritty Truth

The charismatic organizer and leader faltered as an administrator. 

Marble statue of Artemis

How to Worship Artemis and Get Something in Return

Big show on Mount Solmissos

World map in the Western Syriac script

Wherever Syriac Is spoken

Gazetteer provides lay of the land

Masthead of the Hermanner Volksblatt

Ben Franklin’s German-Language Newspaper

Foreign-language newspapers provided insights into immigration and cultural history

cover image for Misplaced Massacre

After Much Debate, Not a Little Anguish, and Defining of Terms, Park Service Confirmed Site of Hostilities between Indians and Soldiers

Exact location of Sand Creek conflict had gone missing

Old St. Paul's Cathedral

John Donne Delivered a Sermon on Gunpowder Day in 1622. What Did It Sound Like?

Getting Donne down, virtually

Cover image of The Letters of Ernest Hemingway, 1923–1925

Ernest Hemingway’s Hamburger Recipe Was Nothing Like His Famously Spare Prose.

Papa's key ingredients

Room in Hauteville House

What Can We Learn About Victor Hugo From Visiting His House Museum?

A privileged view into the literary mind

illustration of a snail or a slug

"Toad-stranglers," "Whoopensockers" and Other Findings from the Dictionary of American Regional English

Niche words still produce some linguistic tang