One Family's Journey: A Conversation with Adele Logan Alexander

Historian Adele Logan Alexander talks with NEH Chairman William R. Ferris about the rise of a resolute African American family and its service to the nation.

Richer Than Uncle Sam

J.P. Morgan biographer Jean Strouse talks with NEH Chairman William Ferris about the man who collected corporations and Old Masters with equal vigor.

The Power of Regionalism

Historian David Hackett Fischer talks about the importance of regional identity.

B.B King

B. B. King on the Blues

Blues legend B.B. King talks about his life, career, the meaning of the blues, and of course, his guitar Lucille.

From the Medieval to the Modern

1999 Jefferson Lecturer Caroline Walker Bynum talks about the legacy of the Middle Ages to the present day.

A Nation of Individuals

Scholar John A. Garraty talks about the creation of the new American National Biography.

New Perspectives on the Cold War

Historian Melvyn Leffler talks about perceptions and misperceptions of the Cold War.

A Conversation with Judy Crichton

Producer Judy Crichton talks about a decade of filmmaking for The American Experience.

"I heard the voices. . . of my Louisiana people"

Writer Ernest Gaines talks about storytelling, race, and his Louisiana roots.

How the Century Began

Historian H. W. Brands discusses turn-of-the-century anxieties and our own expectations for the future with Endowment chairman William R. Ferris.