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On the Trail of Lost Art

Historian Lynn H. Nichols talks about the theft of European treasures in World War II with William R. Ferris.

A Conversation with Arthur Miller

The Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright talks about morality and the public role of the artist with Chairman William R. Ferris.

Lessons for a President

Historian Michael Beschloss discusses the American presidency and how it has changed from the founding fathers to the Information Age.

About Saul Bellow

Bellow's biographer, James Atlas, talks about the successes and trials of the Nobel Prize-winner's life with Chairman William R. Ferris.

An Internet Witch-Hunt

Trials, technology, and a historian's detective work are discussed by Chairman William R. Ferris and Benjamin Ray.

The Ways of Empire

How the new Oxford History of the British Empire gives voice to both colonizers and the colonized is discussed by Wm. Roger Louis and NEH Chairman William R. Ferris.

Taking the Humanities to the People

James Veninga, former director of the Texas council, talks with NEH Chairman William R. Ferris about renewing civic life.

"The War that Never Goes Away"

Jefferson Lecturer James M. McPherson talks with NEH Chairman William R. Ferris about the Civil War and the long shadows it still casts over the American landscape.

Trying to Tame Huck Finn

NEH Chairman William R. Ferris talks with Boston teacher Nancy Methelis about confronting controversy in a classic novel.

One Family's Journey: A Conversation with Adele Logan Alexander

Historian Adele Logan Alexander talks with NEH Chairman William R. Ferris about the rise of a resolute African American family and its service to the nation.