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Jon Parrish Peede

Storyteller, Editor, Chairman

NEH's new chairman brings editorial and grantmaking expertise to the agency.

Gorbachev and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, seen here in December 1987, enjo

The Public and Private Mikhail Gorbachev

Joanne B. Freeman

The Many Alexander Hamiltons

An interview with Joanne B. Freeman about America's first treasury secretary.

Lynn Novick interviewing Duong Van Mai Elliott.

An interview about interviewing with Lynn Novick and Sarah Botstein of The Vietnam War

Meredith Hindley of HUMANITIES spoke by telephone with codirector and producer Lynn Novick and producer Sarah Botstein about how they found and conducted the interviews that are integral to the documentary.

Gary Vikan

A Museum Curator Learns That Trading in Sacred Objects Can Be a Shady Business

Meet a museum head who left visitors to the Walters Art Museum transformed.

A standing portrait of Martha C. Nussbaum taken in January 2017.

Martha C. Nussbaum Talks About the Humanities, Mythmaking, and International Development

Martha C. Nussbaum, the worldly philosopher

Mark Lilla

A Chat with Mark Lilla about Those Who Think “History Has Gone Off Course”

An explanation of the history and effects of reactionary movements

Model ship under sail across pages of books.

If Odysseus Started a Book Club

Chairman Adams travels to Texas to take part in a celebration of NEH's fiftieth anniversary at the LBJ Presidential Library.

Ken Burns with camera

The Documentarian

Ken Burns talks about filmmaking, race, and the current media environment with NEH Chairman William D. Adams.

Anna Deavere Smith in 1993

America, Word for Word

Chairman Adams interviews 2015 Jefferson Lecturer Anna Deavere Smith.