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A selection of old favorites.
Robert E. Lee astride Traveller

FeatureHow Did Robert E. Lee Become an American Icon?

The man was remembered, but not his cause.

Silhouette of George Washington

FeatureHow to Be Presidential

George Washington was not born a leader but he carefully made himself into one.

Image of John Muir

FeatureJohn Muir, Nature's Witness

The founder of the Sierra Club worshiped the outdoor world.

Image of Lincoln at McClellan's camp

FeatureLincoln the Great

Though He Didn’t Look That Way at the Time.

Sir Isaac Newton, by Samuel Freeman, (1773–1857)

FeatureNewton, The Last Magician

The great man of science had more than a passing interest in alchemy.

title page treatment for "Not Exactly A Hermit" by Danny Heitman

FeatureNot Exactly a Hermit: Henry David Thoreau

Henry David Thoreau went in for society, but on his own terms.

Image of Wallace Stegner

FeatureProud Flesh

A recollection of Wallace Stegner.

G. Harold Carswell in his Tallahassee, Florida, chambers, April 1970.

FeatureSupremely Contentious

The Transformation of “Advice and Consent”

Photo portrait of Barbara Tuchman

FeatureThe Dramatist

Barbara Tuchman saw history as a grand tragedy

Drawing of Emily Dickinson

FeatureThe Image of a Writer

Herman Melville, Emily Dickinson, and the conflict between publication and privacy.