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July/August 2005

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July/August 2005

Life Through Art’s Prism

British writer Paul Johnson talks with NEH Chairman Bruce Cole about the history of art and its place in America.

Volume 26, Issue 4

Detail from Sloop, Nassau by Winslow Homer, 1899.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Amelia B. Lazarus Fund, 1910 (10.228.3) © 1989

  • Features

    American Modernists

    An exhibition focuses on the twentieth-century artists who created a new aesthetic.

    By Susan Saccoccia

    The Unconventional Willa Cather

    After conquering the world of New York publishing, an ambitious writer returns to her Nebraska roots to find inspiration.

    By Janis Johnson

    Ernest Hemingway

    A documentary sets the inner voice of the writer against the larger-than-life persona he cultivated.

    By Cynthia Barnes

    Whitman's Lifelong Endeavor

    The poet who gave a voice to a young nation never stopped trying to capture its ever-changing nature.

    By Geoffrey Saunders Schramm

    Time Travels

    A new animated television series drops ten-year-olds into history--from the Battle of Waterloo to life in ancient Rome.

    By Amy Lifson
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