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November/December 2004

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November/December 2004

The Golden Hoard

An ancient Afghan treasure resurfaces.

By Rachel Galvin

Volume 25, Issue 6

The golden hoard from ancient Bactria includes this knife hilt decorated with a bear.

Kenneth Garrett/courtesy National Geographic

  • Features

    Tracing the Buddhist Path

    Translations of the earliest writings have scholars rethinking the religion's canon.

    By Matthew Summers-Sparks

    Tracking Lost Empires

    From the ruins of Nineveh to the gardens of Bablyon, a new database catalogs monuments at risk in Iraq.

    By Emmett Berg and Louisa Woodville

    Upstairs Downstairs

    Monticello comes to life in the rooms of its cooks, brewers, blacksmiths, and servants.

    By Melanie Abrams
  • Departments


    Uncovering a Sunken Treasure

    The Hawley brothers speak with NEH Chairman Bruce Cole about unearthing a steamship buried in a Kansas cornfield.

    Executive Function

    Pennsylvania's Joe Kelly

    Joe Kelly works to tell Pennsylvania's stories.

    By Melissa Forbes

    She Sails Again

    A replica ship from the War of 1812 brings a floating classroom to Michigan.

    By Phoebe Prioleau