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March/April 2004

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March/April 2004

Do You Speak American?

A new documentary investigates the different ways of speaking American English, from Maine and Ohio to Louisiana and California.

By Will Schroeder

Volume 25, Issue 2

The Gossips by Norman Rockwell.

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  • Features

    From AOK to Oz

    Slang prhases are being culled from music, movies, and sports for a comprehensive historical dictionary.

    By Jessica Weintraub

    Life Among the Lexicographers

    The Dictionary of American Regional English records what is local about our language.

    By Joseph M. Romero

    Brown v. Board

    A Supreme Court ruling fuels the Civil Rights Movement.

    By Michael J. Klarman

    A Tense Time in Tennessee

    Thurgood Marshall wins a case and nearly loses his life.

    Mastering Mozart

    Thirty teachers travel to Austria to study the composer's operas.

    By Richard Benedum
  • Departments


    The Life of a Poet

    The Pulitzer prize-winning poet speaks with NEH Chairman Bruce Cole about the links between poetry and painting.

    Executive Function

    Craig Newbill

    Craig Newbill delves into New Mexico's history.

    By Ruthanne Doetzer


    Editor's Note, March/April 2004

    By Mary Lou Beatty