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July/August 2002

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July/August 2002

Volume 23, Issue 4

Autumn or Portrait of Mery Laurent by Edouard Manet, 1881.

© Réunion des Musées Nationaux/Art Resource, New York

  • Features

    Working Together

    Humanities councils are strengthening our communities.

    By Kathleen Mitchell

    Under the Big Top

    Dolley Madison, William Clark, and other historical figures headline in this summer's Chautauqua.

    By Lynn Fabian Lasner

    Beyond the Lightning

    A new film captures the restless intellect of Benjamin Franklin.

    By Caroline Kim

    Our Man in Paris

    Benjamin Franklin's papers reveal how he wooed the French to win our war.

    By Lisa Rogers

    Ben and Me

    A scholar talks about her forty-eight years with Franklin.

    By Lisa Rogers

    Ben in Print

    Thirty-seven volumes and counting.

    By Lisa Rogers

    The Illusionist

    Degas, Zola, Verlaine, and others gathered for his Parisian salons.

    By Joanna Smith Rakoff
  • Departments


    The Danger of Historical Amnesia

    Historian David McCullough talks with NEH Chairman Bruce Cole about how American education has lapsed.

    Executive Function

    Building the Humanities in Utah

    Cynthia Buckingham promotes civic culture in Utah.

    By Margaret Ford


    Editor's Note, July/August 2002

    By Mary Lou Beatty