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November/December 2001

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November/December 2001

Volume 22, Issue 6

Albert Einstein in 1932, the year he left Germany for the United States.

Hulton Getty

  • Features

    A Bard for the Powerless

    Novelist John Steinbeck, who spoke for the marginalized, is feted in a centennial celebration.

    By Lisa Rogers

    The Passions of Woodrow Wilson

    From his politics to his love letters, the president's fiery convictions are revealed in a new film.

    By Lynn Fabian Lasner

    An Iliad for Our Time

    Fishermen on the island of St. Lucia vie for Helen's favor in a struggle of heroic scale and scope.

    By William A. Shullenberger

    Islam and Democracy

    Some Muslim scholars argue that democracy is a requirement of Islam in the contemporary world.

    By John L. Esposito and John O. Voll

    A Labor of Love

    Covering the English language from the Norman Conquest to the advent of printing, the Middle English Dictionary is published.

    By Maggie Riechers

    On the Trail

    African American history is interpreted in a tour of some of Virginia's oldest churches and schools that played a vital role in integration.

    By Anne Edison-Swift
  • Departments


    A Multiplicity of Voices

    Nobel Prize-winning poet and playwright Derek Walcott talks with NEH Chairman William R. Ferris about literature, Caribbean culture, and Robinson Crusoe.

    Executive Function

    Victor Swenson

    Victor Swenson has tried to end illiteracy by encouraging a love of reading in adults.

    By Rebecca Webber