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January/February 2001

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January/February 2001

Before the Storm

Barry Goldwater lost in 1964, but changing political winds led to a rise in conservatism.

By Rick Perlstein

Volume 22, Issue 1

An American Reunion---Opening Ceremonies (detail), by Peter Max

© Peter Max

  • Features

    Reconstructing Lincoln's Law Practice

    A cache of documents sheds light on the author of the Emancipation Proclamation and his fifteen-year legal career.

    By Paulette W. Campbell

    A President's First Term

    Ike's papers paint the portraut of a Cold War-era president determined to balance foreign and domestic interests.

    By Louis Galambos and Daun van Ee

    Pioneer for Peace

    Architect of the Armistice Agreements in the Middle East, Ralph Bunche was the first African American to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

    By Susan Clark

    Free to Dance

    A new film documents how African Americans transformed modern dance.

    By Susan Clark
  • Departments


    Lessons for a President

    Historian Michael Beschloss discusses the American presidency and how it has changed from the founding fathers to the Information Age.