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November/December 2000

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November/December 2000

About Saul Bellow

Bellow's biographer, James Atlas, talks about the successes and trials of the Nobel Prize-winner's life with Chairman William R. Ferris.

Volume 21, Issue 6

  • Features

    Paving the Road to War

    Franklin D. Roosevelt had his work cut out for him when he spoke to persuade Midwestern isolationists.

    By David M. Kennedy

    Writing Chicago

    From Upton Sinclair to Richard Wright, Chicago has produced writers whose work reflects the spirit of the day.

    Robert Louis Stevenson's America

    An upcoming film recounts Robert Louis Stevenson's voyage to California and Hawai'i in pursuit of his beloved.


    The Chinese "Old Master" Laozi authored a book that would transform Chinese culture.

    By Kristofer Schipper
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    On Biography

    By Mary Lou Beatty