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September/October 2000

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September/October 2000

Building Big

The secrets behind five modern architectural wonders are revealed in a new documentary.

By Margaret Schroeder

Volume 21, Issue 5

A view of the Chrysler Building from a beam of the Empire State Building, circa 1930.

Lewis Hine, UPI/Corbis

  • Features

    Kids as Curators

    The Seattle Art Museum brings online exhibitions, virtual reality, and teaching tools to its visitors.

    By Laura Wolff Scanlan

    Beyond the Box

    Television leaps into the future with digital programming.

    By Chrissa Gerard

    Navigating Ancient Worlds

    The realm of heroes and myths is transformed into an online library in the Perseus project.

    By Sara E. Wilson


    The electronic network links communities of scholars.

    By Paulette W. Campbell

    Houseless is not Homeless

    A photo documentary in North Carolina launches discussion about homelessness.

    By Maya Dalinsky
  • Departments


    An Internet Witch-Hunt

    Trials, technology, and a historian's detective work are discussed by Chairman William R. Ferris and Benjamin Ray.