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July/August 2000

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July/August 2000

The Armstrong Collection

Candid backstage recordings and a gold-plated trumpet from a king share the space at the Louis Armstrong house.

By Michael Cogswell

Volume 21, Issue 4

The album cover of Louis Armstrong's hot 5 for Columbia Records.

Jim Flora, Historic New Orleans Collection, William Russell Collection, and the Smithsonian Institution

  • Features

    Jazz--An American Elixir

    A jamboree of blues, ragtime, gospel, and country combine into a unique brew.

    By Pedro Ponce

    Melodic Invention

    Fats Waller's flair for pipe-organ and piano solos showcases his skill not only as a vocalist but as a composer.

    By Steven Budiansky

    High Finance

    For clients ranging from courtesans to Voltaire, notaries served as financial advisers in eighteenth-century France.

    By Philip T. Hoffman

    Money and Power

    A Greek historian first noted the connection between wealth and power.

    By Anna Maria Gillis


    Greek urban life, entertainment, and religion come to life in Worcester.

    By Sara E. Wilson
  • Departments


    The Ways of Empire

    How the new Oxford History of the British Empire gives voice to both colonizers and the colonized is discussed by Wm. Roger Louis and NEH Chairman William R. Ferris.

    Executive Function

    Dorothy Schwartz of Maine

    The director of the Maine Humanities Council speaks about community-driven programs and renewing civic culture.

    By Richard Carter


    Editor's Note, July/August 2000

    By Mary Lou Beatty