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May/June 2000

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May/June 2000

Big Top in a Small Town

Chautauqua road shows keep history alive across America.

By Carol Lee

Volume 21, Issue 3

Fiesta, oil/canvas, ca. 1953, by Virginia Berresford (1902-1924).

Private collection, photo courtesy of Aaron Galleries Fine Art, Chicago.

  • Features

    Streetwise Socrates

    A new program offers the humanities as a moral alternative to poverty.

    By Maggie Riechers

    Putting an Old House to a New Use

    West Virginia's council saves a landmark and finds a new home.

    By Sara E. Wilson

    From Slavery to Scottsboro

    The Southern Humanities Media Fund helps chronicle the changing face of the region.

    By Margaret Schroeder

    A Feast for the Senses

    With a splash of tradition, the Plains Indian Museum is celebrating a makeover.

    By Susan Q. Graceson

    The Imperfect Eye of Edward Curtis

    A new documentary honors a forgotten photographer and the American Indian culture he wished to save.

    By Pedro Ponce

    On-Site with NEH

    An irreverent look at the nation's past wows New Jersey eighth graders.

    By Maureen Fitzgerald

    Dvořák and America

    A new film traces the composer's life in the United States and his championing of black music.

    By Richard Carter
  • Departments


    Taking the Humanities to the People

    James Veninga, former director of the Texas council, talks with NEH Chairman William R. Ferris about renewing civic life.

    Executive Function

    Jane Hood of Nebraska

    Jane Hood is building bridges to rural Nebraskans.

    By Richard Carter