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January/February 1998

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January/February 1998

“I Have Seen the Elephant”

Some forty-niners found instant wealth in California, but for most the trek west meant hardship and loss.

By Anna Maria Gillis

Volume 19, Issue 1

Miners in the Sierras by Charles Christian Nahl and A. Wentworth, 1851.

Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of American Art

  • Features

    “History Alive!”

    A gallery of California notables are recreated in Chautauqua performances for the state's sesquicentennial.

    Friars, Soldiers, and Settlers

    A multimedia website describes the overland journeys of California's early explorer, Juan Battista de Anza.

    By Meredith Hindley

    Passage from India

    How Gandhi's nonviolent resistance took shape on American shores.

    By Richard G. Fox

    Arguing the World

    A new film traces the lives of four controversial thinkers who believe that ideas can change the world.

    By Michael Gill


    Etheridge Knight rose from prisoner to poet and shared his gift with everyone.

    By Amy Lifson
  • Departments


    The Courageous Were Those Left Behind

    Historian Malcolm J. Rohrbough talks about the heroes and heroines left behind.