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November/December 1997

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November/December 1997

The Tumultuous Life of Porgy and Bess

A new film documents sixty years of controversy surrounding Gershwin's folk opera.

By James Standifer

Volume 18, Issue 6

Playbill from the 1935 debut of Porgy and Bess at Boston's Colonial Theatre.

Museum of the City of New York

  • Features

    A Nation on the March

    Original music man John Philip Sousa knew what the people wanted.

    By Michael Gill

    Straddling Two Worlds

    He risked his performing career for his political beliefs.

    By Amy Lifson


    Tory sentiments and battlefield diaries offer a different view of the American Revolution.

    By Anna Maria Gillis
  • Departments


    A Conversation with Richard Crawford

    Music historian Richard Crawford talks about what makes American music distinctive.