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March/April 1997

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March/April 1997

Stephen Toulmin

Toulmin's journey from physicist to philosopher to ethical theorist: an appreciation by Marx W. Wartofsky.

By Marx W. Wartofsky

Volume 18, Issue 2

Stephen Toulmin, 1997 Jefferson Lecturer in the Humanities.

Irene Fertik

  • Features

    An On-Campus Glimpse

    Toulmin backstage in a USC dorm.

    By Meg Sullivan

    Confronting Science

    The monk and his pea plants were just the beginning of the anguish over societal values.

    By Doris T. Zallen

    Valley of the Shadow

    Images of a farmland divided by the Civil War come to life on the Internet.

    By Jane Aikin

    Searching for Leonardo

    A new play at Boston's Museum of Science explores the myths and the man.

    By Amy Lifson
  • Departments


    A Conversation with Stephen Toulmin

    Jefferson Lecturer Stephen Toulmin discusses his own philosophy of science with Endowment Chairman Sheldon Hackney.

    By Amy Lifson