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Grantee Spotlight: Christopher Brick

"Eleanor Roosevelt, First Lady and wife of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, wrote countless letters and gave thousands of speeches during her life (1884-1962). She hosted radio and television shows that galvanized public discussion during the Great Depression and World War II, and helped Americans understand complex issues like nuclear policy. We have 401 of her audio and moving image recordings.

Before this project, the only way to find out what she said on her shows was to listen to each of the hundreds of recordings individually. I applied for an NEH grant to support the transcription of these recordings so that everyone from historians to schoolchildren can more easily access her insights, through primary materials and lesson plans. 

It took undergraduate and graduate students thousands of hours to carefully transcribe and proofread each recording before we could make the information available to the public in print and digital form. Eleanor Roosevelt’s legacy is part of our American story, and these items are a vulnerable piece of American heritage. Even if some day these recordings disappear, these transcripts never will."