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Grantee Spotlight: Ben Vinson III

"After a year of preparation, planning, and conversations with other scholars, I co-led an NEH Summer Institute called “Slave, Soldiers, Rebels: Black Resistance in the Tropical Atlantic.”  Even after all of the work we did to create the course and my years of research on this topic, I was just as much a student as I was an instructor. There is always more to learn, and I found myself taking copious notes every time we had a guest lecturer.

When our program participants returned to their teaching jobs at HBCUs, large universities, and small liberal arts colleges across the country, they brought back new ideas and lasting relationships with their peers. This is an incredibly beneficial thing -- not just for them, but for their colleagues and students as well. These programs break down the ivory in the ivory tower and create accessibility and conversation in our scholarship that would be impossible otherwise. Every professor impacts hundreds, if not thousands, of students over the course of their teaching career. The investment that NEH makes in training them through Summer Seminars and Institutes has an incalculable impact on classrooms of students for generations"