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Bdote/Prime Time/Lit & Med/Warrior Scholars

Want to learn about the Native American history of Minnesota? This video presentation introduces the Bdote Memory Map, an oral history resource on places of importance to the Dakota people. From the Dakota word “bdote” meaning “where two waters come together,” the interactive Web site shares stories of historic sites in the area where the Minnesota River meets the Mississippi. Produced by the Minnesota Humanities Center, with contributions by Native America writers, historians, and elders, the site features maps and audio and video clips about the Dakota people, their history, and their language.

The video was produced for the unveiling of four impact reports that highlight how NEH funding has helped engage specific constituent groups in the humanities -- Youth, Native Americans, Veterans, and Rural Communities. The event was hosted by NEH’s Office of Congressional Affairs on Thursday, July 18, at the Cannon House Office Building. The reports are available online.

The Native American report is now available.

The video also introduces the Prime Time Family Reading Time program, an initiative from the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities, an NEH-funded state humanities council. The program promotes literacy for young children in underserved families through an intergenerational reading program. Also featured in the video is the Literature and Medicine program, a national award-winning reading and discussion program for health care professionals that, as one participant writes, “renews the heart and soul of health care.” The program was created by the Maine Humanities Council and has now expanded to centers across the United States. Another program featured is Warrior Scholars, which helps veterans adapt to civilian life and enter college after returning from combat.

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