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"City Life" by Victor Arnautoff

Explore the history and legacy of San Francisco's New Deal murals with this downloadable walking tour app.

Walt Whitman

Walt Whitman advised readers to “look for me under your bootsoles.” Find him in the locations associated with...

Louisa May Alcott, wood engraving

Louisa May Alcott hobnobbed with Emerson and Thoreau, wrote pulp fiction, and persuaded Dorothea Dix to waive a ban on...

Daniel Burnham's 1909 Plan of Chicago

Few architects have had more impact on the American city than Daniel Burnham.

Gertrude Stein, Fanny Butcher, Alice Roullier, Alice B. Toklas, Barney Goodspeed

Chicago’s contributions to international modernism

frontispiece of King James Bible. 1611

Published 400 years ago, the King James Bible is one of the most-read texts in the English language.

Mapping the Republic of Letters
See the social networks that connected Isaac Newton and John Locke, James Boswell and Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and Aaron Burr and...
Mark Twain

Browse Twain’s letters, manuscripts, and autobiography at the online archives of the personal papers of America’...

Mary Pickford, 1921

View clips of celebrated silent film star Mary Pickford, see what a 1909 screen test was like, and hear historians discuss...

Melville's Marginalia Online

Browse the books Melville read with this digitized collection of annotated books from his library.

Depiction of Commodore Perry's flagship, the USS Powhatan

Learn about Commodore Perry, the opening of Japan, and the1904-5 Russo-Japanese War through images from the period.

George Parkman
Apply your sleuthing skills to the mysterious 1849 disappearance of Dr. George Parkman, one of Boston’s richest citizens, and...