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Line drawing of Charles Darwin

Read and search more than 7,500 letters written by Charles Darwin.

Charles Darwin Charles Darwin - portrait by George Richmond, 1840.

Browse Charles Darwin's complete manuscripts documenting his work as a practicing scientist.

1933 Chicago World's Fair poster
Between 1933 and 1940 tens of millions of Americans visited world’s fairs in cities across the nation.
Dictionary of American Regional English, volume 1, cover

Be prepared to tell a pinkletink from a quill pig on your next rantum scoot by consulting this...

Do You Speak American?
"You say 'either' and I say…" Find out what variety of American English you speak
Man-Midwifery Dissected; or, the Obstetric Family Instructor by John Blunt, 1793

See how history is made!

Dolley Madison, by Gilbert Stuart

Dolley Madison defined the role of the President's wife. Learn how America's first First Lady changed the face of...

American Masters -- Edgar Allan Poe: Buried Alive

After his death, writer Edgar Allan Poe became a global icon of modern literature and a pop culture brand.


Rebuild Xerxes’ bridge over the Hellespont or learn about Edith Wharton’s work as a World War I war...

Einstein Papers Project: The density of the Milky Way, Pasadena, January 1931.

The first complete picture of a massive written legacy that ranges from Einstein's first work on the special and...

Emma Goldman

An internationally known anarchist, the Russian emigrant Emma Goldman was for nearly half a century the most controversial...

Encyclopedia Iranica

Persia from A to Z: a comprehensive online encyclopedia of Iranian history, art, literature, and culture.