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Upcoming and Ongoing Events

February 2018

February 26, 2018

New England Quilts and the Stories They Tell

Prompted in part by the material culture at hand, the presenter may speak about fashion fads, the Colonial Revival, quilt-making for Civil War soldiers, and anything else quilt-related she can squeeze in.

February 24, 2018

The Continuing Struggle: Federal Recognition, for Generations Past and Future, Saving the Ancestors

Cultural Anthropologist Stephen O’Neil reviews and discusses some of the videos created for OC Public Libraries’ Acjachemen Community Stories project. 

February 22, 2018

Grant Writing Workshop

Learn best practices and tools for getting your message across, common budget errors, evaluation strategies, as well as general organizational readiness.

February 21, 2018

Abolitionists of Noyes Academy

Dan Billin plumbs the depths of anti-abolitionist sentiment in early nineteenth-century New England, and the courage of three young friends destined for greatness.

February 20, 2018

Benedict Arnold: Patriot and Traitor?

George Morrison will take you on a journey through New England, Canada, and New York tracing the complex story of this infamous American icon.

February 20, 2018

A Visit with Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln, portrayed by Steve Wood, begins this program by recounting his early life and ends with a reading of the "Gettysburg Address."

February 20, 2018

Unconditional Surrender: A Visit with Ulysses S. Grant

The performance focuses on Grant’s experiences as President and Lieutenant General of the United States Army, but it also touches Grant’s childhood in Ohio, his military service in the Mexican War and his resignation from the U.S. Army and subsequent attempts to support his family as a civilian.

February 18, 2018

"If I am Not For Myself, Who Will Be for Me?" George Washington's Runaway Slave

Oney Judge Staines, according to the Constitution, was only three-fifths of a person. To her masters, George and Martha Washington, she was merely "the girl." All she wanted was the freedom to control her own actions, but her account of escaping the Executive Mansion in Philadelphia, fleeing north and establishing a life in New Hampshire is not a typical runaway story.

February 18, 2018

Russian Iconography: 1,000 Years of Tradition

Traditional Russian icon painting has been a living and evolving art form for more than 1,000 years. This illustrated presentation by Marina Forbes deals with the spiritual and secular significance of Russian religious art from the 10th century to the present day. Icon-making involves the painting of stylized religious images on wood using traditional natural materials and techniques which are determined by longstanding conventions

February 16, 2018 to March 16, 2018

The Road to the Promised Land: Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement

Featuring photographs, facsimiles of landmark documents, and quotations by Dr. King and others engaged in the struggle for civil rights.

October 2017

October 4, 2017 to July 31, 2018

Beyond Suffrage: 100 Years of Women and Politics in New York

Tracing women’s political activism in New York City from the suffrage movement through today, and focusing on the trailblazing women who joined the political fray in the generations after suffrage.

February 2016

February 15, 2016 to March 15, 2018

The Bill of Rights

This Humanities Texas traveling exhibition surveys the famous document itself and other important amendments to the Constitution that changed the course of American history.