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Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein: Anatomy of a Masterpiece

August 22, 2015

Who controls life and death? Does a man-made being have (human) rights issues? Although regarded as Gothic sensationalism when first published – both for its lurid tale of a scientist driven mad by his obsession to animate the dead and for the surprising news that the author was nineteen-year-old Mary Shelley – Frankenstein has resonated widely in the popular imagination, most notably in theatre and cinema. Over the two centuries since its publication, the work has also served as a vivid allegory in debates about technology, slavery, and universal suffrage. Led by scholar Lance Rhoades, this multi-media presentation considers how Shelley addressed some of mankind’s greatest concerns with a creation that took on a life of its own. Explore and discuss these complicated and complex issues.

Funded project of Humanities Washington.  Humanities Washington is a state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

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Time: 11:00 am

Contact: Humanities Washington Phone: (206) 682-1770
South Hill Library
3324 S. Perry Street
Spokane , WA 98446
United States
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