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In the Footsteps of Daniel Boone

June 24, 2015

Market hunter, frontier guide, wilderness scout, master woodsman, expert marksman, Indian fighter, militia leader, surveyor, land speculator, judge, sheriff, coroner, elected legislator, merchant, tavern keeper, prisoner of war, Spanish syndic, husband, father, brother, son—Daniel Boone led one of the fullest and most eventful lives in American history, including 21 years in North Carolina. This presentation tells the life story of Daniel Boone by putting his life on the landscape and taking the audience to some of the 85 sites spread across 11 states where the life of America’s pioneer hero is commemorated with markers, monuments, plaques, statues, historic homes and replica forts. (All 85 sites are presented in the book In the Footsteps of Daniel Boone.) Award-winning author and storyteller Randell Jones shares the episodes and adventures from Boone’s life that made the frontiersman famous. The story begins in the Oley Valley of Pennsylvania where Boone was born in 1734 and continues through his remarkable life to his death in Missouri of natural causes a few weeks shy of his 86th birthday. Storytelling carries the presentation. Photos and maps are displayed for individual browsing.

Funded project of the North Carolina Humanities Council.  The North Carolina Humanities Council is a statewide nonprofit and affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

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Time: 11:00 am

Contact: Ashe County Public Library Phone: (336) 846-2041
Ashe County Public Library
148 Library Road
West Jefferson, NC 28694
United States
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