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Public Scholar Awards 2016

August 16, 2016 | By NEH Staff

Saundra Amrhein
Unaffiliated Independent Scholar
Brandon, FL
Latin American History
Cuba's Chords of Change: The Journey of a Mother, Son, and Piano through a Nation's Transformation

Patrick Arden
Unaffiliated Independent Scholar
Brooklyn, NY
American Government
Stealing Home: A Tale of Two Yankee Stadiums

Christopher Benfey
Mount Holyoke College
South Hadley, MA
Literature, General
Kipling's Ark: The Making and Unmaking of an American Writer

Paul Berman
Unaffiliated Independent Scholar
Brooklyn, NY
Comparative Literature
American Exceptionalism and the Cult of Hawthorne

Costica Bradatan
Texas Tech University
Lubbock, TX
History of Philosophy
In Praise of Failure

Darren Dochuk
University of Notre Dame
Notre Dame, IN
U.S. History
Anointed With Oil: God and Black Gold in America's Century

Jared Farmer
SUNY Research Foundation, Stony Brook
Stony Brook, NY
Interdisciplinary Studies, General
The Latest Oldest Tree: Survival Stories for a Time of Extinction

Gayle Feldman
Unaffiliated Independent Scholar
New York, NY
Literature, General
Bennett Cerf: The Man Who Published America: A Biography

Erik Gellman
Roosevelt University
Chicago, IL
U.S. History
Troublemakers: Chicago Freedom Struggles through the Lens of Art Shay

John Ghazvinian
Unaffiliated Independent Scholar
Philadelphia, PA
Near and Middle Eastern History
Children of the Revolution: Iran and America since 1600

Adam Goodheart
Washington College
Chestertown, MD
U.S. History
1865: The Rebirth of a Nation

Amy Sophia Greenberg
Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA
U.S. History
"Mrs. President": Sarah Childress Polk and Women's Political Power before the Vote

Thomas Joseph Healy
Seton Hall University
South Orange, NJ
U.S. History
Soul City -- The Lost Dream of an American Utopia

Steven Horst
Wesleyan University
Middletown, CT
Philosophy of Science
Exorcizing Laplace's Demon

Charles E. King
Georgetown University
Washington, DC
Interdisciplinary Studies, General
The Humanity Lab: A Story of Race, Culture, and the Promise of an American Idea

Matthew Klingle
Bowdoin College
Brunswick, ME
U.S. History
Sweet Blood: Diabetes and the Nature of Health in America

Jodi Magness
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, NC
Classical History
Masada: A New History

William Caleb McDaniel
Rice University
Houston, TX
U.S. History
A Case of Reparations: The Odyssey of Henrietta Wood in Slavery and Freedom

Michael Meyer
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA
U.S. History
Benjamin Franklin's Last Bet: How a Founding Father's Daring Philanthropy Reshaped the American Will

Natalia Molina
University of California, San Diego
La Jolla, CA
Urban Studies
Place-Makers and Place-Making: The Story of a Los Angeles Community

Jeremy David Popkin
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY
European History
Free and Equal: The Story of the French Revolution

Leah Price
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA
U.S. History
People of the Book: How Understanding the Printed Past Can Shape Our Digital Future

Jack N. Rakove
Stanford University
Stanford, CA
U.S. History
The Ticklish Experiment: A Political History of the Constitution

Bruce J. Schulman
Boston University
Boston, MA
U.S. History
"Are We A Nation"?: The Emergence of the Modern United States

Susan Margaret Schulten
University of Denver
Denver, CO
U.S. History
A History of America through 100 Maps

Julia Flynn Siler
Unaffiliated Independent Scholar
Ross, CA
U.S. History
Daughters of Joy: America's Other Slaves and Their Fight for Freedom

Lauren Rebecca Sklaroff
University of South Carolina, Columbia
Columbia, SC
Arts, General
Wanting to Be Wanted: Sophie Tucker and the Creation of a Show Business Legend

Matthew Avery Sutton
Washington State University
Pullman, WA
U.S. History
FDR's Army of Faith: Religion and Espionage in World War II

Candacy Ann Taylor
Unaffiliated Independent Scholar
Los Angeles, CA
African American Studies
Sites of Sanctuary: The Negro Motorist Green Book

Brenda Wineapple
Unaffiliated Independent Scholar
New York, NY
U.S. History
The Impeachers and America