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Collaborative Research Awards, July 2011

August 1, 2011 | By Jennifer Untalan

George Washington University
Project Director: Tyler Anbinder
Washington, DC
Moving Beyond "Rags to Riches": New York's Irish Immigrants and Their Surprising Savings Accounts
Creation and preparation for online publication of a database of 19th-century Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank records and related materials, as well as related data analysis for articles and a book based on this research.

University of California
Project Director: David Biale
Davis, CA
A History of Hasidism: A Pietistic Revival Movement in the Modern World
Preparation for publication of an 800-page history of the Jewish Hasidic movement.

Institute of Nautical Archaeology
Project Directors: Deborah Carlson, Christie Osmund Bopearachchi, and Sanjyot Mehendale
College Station, TX
Archaeological Excavation of an Ancient Shipwreck at Godavaya, Sri Lanka
The excavating and analysis of a second-century B.C. ship located off the coast of Sri Lanka to further understand the history of maritime trade in the ancient world.

Arizona State University
Project Director: Anne Feldhaus
Tempe, AZ
Religion and Ecology in Western India
Research in India on places that are both significant as religious sites and environmentally sensitive, culminating in a book, at least one scholarly article, a website, and a panel at a scholarly conference.

University of Montana
Project Director: Anna Prentiss
Missoula, MT
Household Archaeology at Bridge River, British Columbia
Excavation, analysis, and interpretation of a single semi-subterranean dwelling with 13 superimposed floors occupied between approximately 560-860 A.D. in present day British Columbia.

University of Michigan
Project Director: Nicola Terrenato
Ann Arbor, MI
The Gabii Project, Italy
Archaeological excavation and analysis at Gabii, once a rival city of ancient Rome.
On the web at

University of Illinois
Project Director: Sloan Williams
Chicago, IL
Decoding the Swahili
Archaeological excavation, ethnohistory, and genetic analysis to study the origin and development of urban communities along the Swahili coast of East Africa.