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Collaborative Research 2017

August 1, 2017 | By NEH Staff

Archaeology Southwest
Project Director: Dr. Aaron Wright
Tucson, AZ
Archaeology and Oral Histories along the Lower Gila River in Southwestern Arizona, 600-1830 AD
Artifact survey at 43 Native American sites in the Gila River Valley in Arizona, leading to the development of interpretive print and online publications, lectures, and a book. (36 months)

Arizona State University
Project Director: Dr. Jane Buikstra
Tempe, AZ
An Archaeological Study of the Ancient Phaleron Cemetery near Athens, Greece
Archaeological study and analysis of the cemetery of Phaleron, the ancient port of Athens, Greece. (36 months)

Center for Documentary Studies
Project Director: Dr. Wesley Hogan
Durham, NC
The 1965 Voting Rights Act and the Student Non-Violent  Coordinating Committee
The collection of oral histories, to be archived in a digital repository and interpreted in a scholarly book, of the work done by field workers of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee towards the expansion of voting rights in the 1960s. (24 months)

College of New Jersey
Project Director: Dr. Jo-Ann Gross
Ewing, NJ
A Documentary History of Ismailism, the Second Largest Branch of Shia Islam, from the 16th-20th Centuries
Preparation for publication of a co-authored book and the creation of an open access digital repository of primary documents relating to Ismaili genealogical histories in Badakhshan in Central Asia. (36 months)

Goucher College
Project Director: Dr. Evan Dawley
Baltimore, MD
Beyond Versailles: Reverberations of World War I in Asia
A multinational symposium that will bring together contributors of an edited volume to explore common research questions on the legacy of World War I in Northeast Asia. (20 months)

Iowa State University
Project Director: Dr. David Marshall Miller
Ames, IA
Revolutions in the History of Early Modern Philosophy and Science
A conference of contributors to The Cambridge History of Philosophy of the Scientific Revolution, at which the contributors will refine their essays for the volume. (15 months)

St. Mary's College of Maryland
Project Director: Dr. Julia A. King
St. Mary's City, MD
Indigenous Borderlands of the Chesapeake: The Lower Rappahannock Valley Landscape, 200-1850 CE
Excavation and artifact analysis at eleven Native American sites along the lower Rappahannock river in Virginia, leading to the development of interpretive print and online publications and GIS datasets. (26 months)

Texas A & M University, College Station
Project Director: Dr. Sonia Hernandez
College Station, TX
A Conference on the History and Legacy of the 1919 Canales Investigation in Texas
Organization of a conference on the 1919 Canales investigation into violence along the US-Mexican border. (36 months)

University of Arizona
Project Director: Dr. Emma C. Blake
Tucson, AZ
An Archaeological Field Survey in the Trapani Province of Western Sicily
Field survey and interpretation of finds from the coastal area near Marsala, Italy, in order to investigate cultural interaction with North Africa across the Sicilian Channel over the past 7,000 years. (36 months)

University of California, Berkeley
Project Director: Dr. Lisa Ann Maher
Berkeley, CA
Excavation of a Hunter-Gatherer Aggregation at Kharaneh IV, Jordan
Excavation and analysis of early settlements of hunter-gatherers at the Paleolithic site of Kharaneh in eastern Jordan. (36 months)

University of California, Santa Barbara
Project Director: Prof. Christopher J. Newfield
Santa Barbara, CA
The Limits of the Numerical: Metrics and the Humanities in Higher Education
Research and writing of a monograph and open access web materials describing the history and cultural theory of metrics in higher education. (24 months)

University of Utah
Project Director: Prof. Bradley J. Parker
Salt Lake City, UT
A Comprehensive Approach to Inca and Wari Imperialism in the Nazca Headwaters, Ayacucho, Peru
An archaeological study of the rise and fall of the Wari and Inca Empires, examining road networks and surrounding territory in the Andes mountains in the southern province of Ayacucho in Peru, to result in a website, an open-access database, journal articles, and a monograph. (36 months)