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Collaborative Research 2016

August 16, 2016 | By NEH Staff

Bucknell University
Project Director: Dr. Catherine Cymone Fourshey
Lewisburg, PA
Expressions and Transformations of Gender, Family, and Status in Eastern and Central Africa 500-1800 CE
Collection, analysis, digital mapping, and interpretation of historical linguistic data relating to 55 societies across Bantu-speaking Africa, and co-authoring a book about social life and gender roles in precolonial Africa. (36 months)

Davidson College
Project Director: Prof. Darian  Totten
Davidson, NC
Life on the Lagoon: Reconstructing the Biography of Human-Landscape Dynamics on the Salpi Lagoon, Italy
Archaeological excavation and analysis at the lagoon site of Salpi in the Apulia region of Italy. (36 months)

Duke University
Project Director: Dr. Allen E. Buchanan
Durham, NC
The Evolution of Moral Progress
Preparation for publication of a co-written book about the possibility of a theory of moral progress in light of current evolutionary explanations of morality. (24 months)

Georgia State University
Project Director: Prof. Andrew I. Cohen
Atlanta, GA
Reparative Justice and Moral Injury among Post-Deployment Soldiers
A multidisciplinary study of the impact of moral injury on members of the armed forces through  structured focus groups guided by philosophical questions. (36 months)

New York University
Project Director: Prof. Alexander  Nagel
New York, NY
Amerasia: A Renaissance Discovery
Research and writing for a book on European perceptions of the "New World" as Asian during the 16th and 17th centuries. (36 months)

Northeastern University
Project Director: Dr. Julia Hammond Flanders
Boston, MA
Intertextual Networks: Reading and Citation in Women's Writing 1450-1850
Research and online publications by the Women Writers Project (WWP) on the influence of reading practices on literary composition of early modern women writers. (36 months)

Rice University
Project Director: Prof. Nanxiu  Qian
Houston, TX
Reconsidering the Sino Cultural Sphere: A Critical Examination of the Use of Literary Chinese by East Asian Cultures
An international scholarly conference reconsidering the role of classical Chinese written language in the development of China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam. (12 months)

Stanford University
Project Director: Dr. Justin  Leidwanger
Stanford, CA
The Marzamemi Church Wreck
Excavation and analysis at the underwater shipwreck site of Marzamemi in Sicily. (36 months)

University of California, Santa Barbara
Project Director: Prof. Lisa  Hajjar
Santa Barbara, CA
Human Rights in the Arab World: Research, Advocacy and Public Policy
Preparation for publication of a scholarly monograph, an annotated bibliography on human rights in the Arab World, various journal articles and policy papers, and creation of a website. (24 months)

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Project Director: Dr. Nicola  Terrenato
Ann Arbor, MI
At the Roots of Roman Urbanism: The Gabii Project
Archaeological excavation and analysis at the ancient city site of Gabii, near Rome. (24 months)

University of Oregon
Project Director: Prof. Daniel  Tichenor
Eugene, OR
States of Immigration: The History, Culture, and Politics of Inclusion and Exclusion
Preparation for a monograph, four state-specific reports, several peer-reviewed journal articles, and conference and workshop papers on immigration policies in Arizona, New Mexico, Maryland and Virginia. (24 months)

University of Virginia
Project Director: Prof. Stephen  Railton
Charlottesville, VA
Implementing Digital Yoknapatawpha
Continued development of a website that will map Yoknapatawpha County, the fictional setting of novels by William Faulkner, with links to places, characters, and events in the novels, as a resource for scholars, teachers, and students. (36 months)

University of Virginia
Project Director: Dr. Donald A. DeBats
Charlottesville, VA
Newly Discovered Voices from America's Most Turbulent Time: Black and White Oral Voting in the First Enfranchisement
Completion of an online database and digital resource, as well as research and writing of journal articles and book chapters, related to voting records and social networks in two Kentucky counties during the late 19th-century. (36 months)

Yale University
Project Director: Dr. William Henry Honeychurch
New Haven, CT
Innovative Disruptions: The Archaeology of Nomadic Statehood in Eastern Mongolia
Excavation, analysis and interpretation of archaeological sites in the Sukhbaatar region of eastern Mongolia. (36 months)