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Collaborative Research 2015

August 21, 2015 | By NEH Staff

Duke University
Project Director: Andrew M. Janiak
Durham, NC
New Narratives in Philosophy: Rediscovering Neglected Works by Early Modern Women
Planning and hosting a four-day conference at Duke University in April 2016 on the works of three early modern women philosophers—Anne Conway, Margaret Cavendish, and Émilie du Châtelet—and the preparation of scholarly articles, a volume of essays, and materials for a website. (12 months)

Emory University
Project Director: Bonna Daix Wescoat
Atlanta, GA
From the Vantage of the Victory: The Performative Heart of the Sanctuary of the Great Gods on Samothrace
Archaeological fieldwork and analysis at the Sanctuary of the Great Gods on the island of Samothrace (Greece); 3D modeling of the site; a scholarly symposium; and preparation of a co-authored book. (36 months)

Stanford University
Project Director: Gordon H. Chang
Stanford, CA
Chinese Railroad Workers in North America: A Conference
An international scholarly conference on Chinese Railroad Workers in North America, to take place in April 2016 at Stanford University. (12 months)

Texas Christian University
Project Director: Max Krochmal
Fort Worth, TX
Civil Rights in Black and Brown: Oral Histories of the Multiracial Freedom Struggle in Texas
The collection of 400 oral histories, the creation of a digital repository and website of videotaped interviews, and the writing and editing of a multi-authored book on civil rights movements in Texas. (36 months)

University of Massachusetts, Boston
Project Director: David Landon
Boston, MA
Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts: Archaeology and Geophysics
Excavation, analysis, and interpretation of new sites and existing artifacts in collections in connection with the original 17th-century settlement of Plymouth, Massachusetts. (36 months)

University of California, Los Angeles
Project Director: John K. Papadopoulos
Los Angeles, CA
Ancient Methone: Early Greek Maritime Trade, Industry, and the Origins of the Greek Alphabet
Archaeological excavation and analysis at the harbor site of ancient Methone, northern Greece. (36 months)

University of Montana
Project Director: Anna M. Prentiss
Missoula, MT
Household Archaeology at Bridge River, British Columbia: The Early Floors of Housepit 54
Excavation, analysis, and interpretation of a single dwelling with fifteen superimposed floors occupied from 300 A.D. over a period of 1,400 years in British Columbia and the preparation for publication of two books. (24 months)