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Collaborative Research 2013

August 21, 2013 | By NEH Staff

Boston University
Project Director: Christina M. Luke
Boston, MA
Bronze Age Cultural Dynamics, Sustainability, and Landscapes in the Marmara Lake Basin, Gediz Valley, Western Turkey
Archaeological excavation and analysis of a second millennium BCE site at Kaymakçi in the Marmara Lake Basin, Western Anatolia, Turkey. (36 months)

Folger Shakespeare Library
Project Director: Kathleen Lynch
Washington, DC
Shakespeare and the Problem of Biography: A Conference
An international conference on the topic of playwright William Shakespeare and literary biography, as well as associated video podcasts and a volume of essays. (12 months)

Indiana University
Project Director: William H. Schneider
Indianapolis, IN
An International Collaboration on the Political, Social, and Cultural History of the Emergence of HIV/AIDS
An international research collaboration leading to the publication of a book that will examine the political. social, and medical processes of the emergence of HIV/AIDS in Africa. (36 months)

Claudia R. Jensen, Independent Scholar
The Russian Court Theater in the Late 17th Century and its Context in Trans-national Information Exchange
Research, writing, and preparation for print and e-book publication of a volume of essays, journal articles, and conference papers relating to diplomacy and theater in 17th-century Russia. (36 months)

North Carolina State University
Project Director: S. Thomas Parker
Raleigh, NC
Reimagining Urban Space: Petra in the 1st - 4th Centuries A.D.
Archaeological excavation and analysis of first through fourth century materials at the North Ridge of ancient Petra, Jordan. (36 months)

Skidmore College
Project Director: Heather Hurst
Saratoga Springs, NY
Assembling the Mayan Mural Fragments from San Bartolo, Guatemala
The reassembly, interpretation, and dissemination of early Mayan murals discovered among the first-century construction rubble at the Ixim temple at San Bartolo, Guatemala. (30 months)

University of Nebraska
Project Director: William Thomas
Lincoln, NE
O Say Can You See: Early Washington, D.C. Law and Family Project
Creation of a digital archive and website, presentation of virtual seminars, and research and writing of a scholarly monograph and journal articles related to a series of legal cases and family networks in early Washington, D.C. (24 months)

University of South Carolina
Project Director: Don H. Doyle
Columbia, SC
American Civil Wars: The Crisis of the 1860s in the US, Latin America, and Europe
A conference and volume of collected essays on the American Civil War in an international context. (24 months)

Westchester Community College
Project Director: Richard Arthur Courage
Social Origins of Chicago's New Negro Artists and Intellectuals, 1890-1930
Research leading to the creation of an online digital archive, an edited collection of essays, and public presentations on African American intellectuals in Chicago, 1890-1930. (36 months)