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John Carter Brown Library

Fellowship Programs at Independent Research Institutions

Receipt Deadline: December 1, 2017

The John Carter Brown Library (JCB) is an independently funded center for advanced research in history and the humanities, founded in 1846 and located on the campus of Brown University since 1901.

The library’s collection consists of primary printed sources (books, pamphlets, maps) and manuscripts relating to all aspects of the discovery, exploration, settlement, and development of the Americas during the colonial period (1492 – ca. 1825). The library’s principal holdings emphasize such diverse areas as European accounts of the Americas, Native American languages, American revolutionary pamphlets, Brazileana and Caribbeana. Maritime history and the comparative history of the Americas – Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch, English, African, Amerindian – are particular subjects of interest. The library awards approximately thirty short-term fellowships (two to four months each at $2,100 per month) each year, which are open to citizens of every country and to both pre- and post-doctoral candidates, and independent scholars, and six to eight long-term post-doctoral fellowships (five to ten months each at $4,200 per month), supported by the NEH and endowed JCB funds.

NEH fellowships are restricted to U.S. citizens or to foreign nationals who have lived in this country for three years immediately preceding the application deadline for the grant. Degree candidates and individuals seeking support for work in pursuit of a degree are not eligible to hold long-term JCB fellowships. Advanced degree candidates must have completed all requirements, except for the actual conferral of the degree, by the application deadline. Prospective applicants should contact the John Carter Brown Library for further details. Application instructions are available at  


Host Institutions: The John Carter Brown Library
Location: Providence, RI
Point of Contact: Fellowship Coordinator
Phone: (401) 863-2725
Fax: (401) 863-3477

About NEH Fellowship Programs at Independent Research Institutions

The National Endowment for the Humanities provides grants to independent centers for advanced study and international research organizations to support fellowship programs for humanities scholars through its Fellowship Programs at Independent Research Institutions (FPIRI). NEH fellowships provide scholars with stipends, a collegial environment, and access to resources that might not be available at their home institutions.

Fellowship programs may be administered by independent centers for advanced study, libraries, and museums in the United States, or American overseas research centers or other organizations that have expertise in promoting research on foreign cultures. The centers and organizations establish their own peer review procedures for the selection of NEH grant recipients and administer the awards. NEH provides funding for humanities fellowships of four to twelve months.

Amount of Award

Amount of the award will vary by the number and length of the fellowships offered by the host institution.


Centers and organizations applying for these grants may not be affiliated with an institution of higher education and must be independently governed, financed, and administered. In addition, they must have a pre-existing fellowship program maintained with non-NEH funding. Eligibility for NEH fellowships at these research institutions is limited to United States citizens and foreign nationals who have been residents in the United States for the three years immediately preceding the application deadline for the grant. NEH research opportunities are intended for persons who have already completed their formal academic training. Consequently, persons seeking support for work in pursuit of a degree are not eligible for NEH fellowships and research grants.

How to Apply

For more information and application instructions, please visit the program website listed above.