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November 2015 Awards List

January 7, 2016 | By Public Programs Staff

Division of Public Programs Awards List

November Council 2015

Bridging Cultures through Film: International Topics

Gone but not Forgotten: Poland and the Recovery of its Jewish Past

Hartley Film Foundation

Westport, CT

Award: Outright; $75,000.00

Development of a 90-minute documentary about the history of anti-Semitism and its rejection in Poland.

Who Will Write Our History

Katahdin Foundation

Berkeley, CA

Award: Outright; $74,907.00

Development of a 90-minute documentary about the secret Oyneg Shabes archive of the Warsaw Ghetto.

Playing with Ideas

Principe Productions

New York, NY

Award: Outright; $75,000.00

Development of a 90-minute documentary film about six-year-olds learning to explore the world through philosophy in three locations around the world.

Digital Projects for the Public


Participatory Media

University of Virginia

Charlottesville, VA

Award: Outright; $29,587.00

A series of meetings and workshops that explore possible digital platforms and approaches to bring to the public a curated set of community documentary films from the 1960s and 1970s.

Digital Projects for the Public


Lost and Found: Promoting Religious Literacies through Gaming

Rochester Institute of Technology

Rochester, NY

Award: Outright; $100,000.00

The development of a digital prototype for a game that explores the history of medieval legal codes with an initial focus on the Mishneh Torah written by Maimonides.

Ohio Humanities Council

Columbus, OH

Award: Outright; $100,000.00

Prototype for a statewide website and mobile application showcasing Ohio humanities and cultural resources.

Chrono Cards: American Revolution

University of Southern California

Los Angeles, CA

Award: Outright; $100,000.00

Prototype development of two complementary card games and an educational website to engage middle school students in learning about the roots of the American Revolution.

Slavery in the North Website Project

Historic Hudson Valley

Pocantico Hills, NY

Award: Outright; $100,000.00

The prototyping phase of a website on the exploration of the history of slavery in the north during the colonial period.

Digital Giza: A New Portal to the Pyramids

President and Fellows of Harvard College

Cambridge, MA

Award: Outright; $100,000.00

The creation of a three-dimensional prototype for the Giza Project’s forthcoming public website, Digital Giza: A Portal to the Pyramids.

Digital Projects for the Public


Waterfront Exhibition: Water Log and Visitor Vistas

Brooklyn Historical Society

Brooklyn, NY

Award: Match; $300,000.00

Production of two large-scale immersive, digital experiences to complement an exhibition exploring the history of Brooklyn’s waterfront.

Walden, a game

University of Southern California

Los Angeles, CA

Award: Outright; $350,000.00

Production and distribution of a first-person video game based on the writings and reflections of Henry David Thoreau during his year at Walden Pond.

Humanities in the Public Square

Global Minnesota: Immigrants Past and Present

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Minneapolis, MN

Award: Outright; $148,015.00

Implementation of a year-long project of public forums and smaller-scale public programs on the history of immigration in Minnesota that would also include a digital oral history project on recent immigrants’ experiences.

Making the West Side: Community Conversations on Neighborhood Change

University of Illinois at Chicago

Chicago, IL

Award: Outright; $200,000.00

A day-long public forum, community conversations at partner cultural sites, educational resources, and a website, all focused on the historical development  of Chicago’s West Side.

A State of Many Nations: Immigration and the Changing Face of Virginia

University of Virginia

Charlottesville, VA

Award: Outright; $126,797.00

A public forum at the Virginia Festival of the Book, statewide public programs, and a teacher’s guide explaining Latino American history in Virginia.

A Broad and Sure Foundation: The 14th Amendment in American Life and Imagination

Maine Humanities Council

Portland, ME

Award: Outright; $89,000.00

Match; $56,000.00

Implementation of a public forum and library-based public programs that explore the 14th Amendment’s history and legal relevance, focusing on African American literature around citizenship.

Ecohumanities for Cities in Crisis

Florida International University Board of Trustees

Miami, FL

Award: Outright; $162,242.00

A series of public events, programs, and conversations addressing the environmental threat posed to Miami from rising sea levels.

Telling Stories, Creating Community: Understanding the Legacies of War at Home

North Dakota State University, Main Campus

Fargo, ND

Award: Outright; $201,104.00

A year-long project to initiate dialogues on the legacies of war in the Fargo-Moorhead, North Dakota communities through two public forums and a series of public programs. The project would also support the establishment of an oral history archive, the creation of a community book discussion program, and a series of literary and ceramics workshops.

History of Punishment (WT)

New School

New York, NY

Award: Outright; $250,000.00

Community dialogues across the country on crime and punishment using a community-curated traveling exhibition, a web platform, a series of public programs, and educational resources.

Citizenship, Elections, and American Democracy

Humanities Texas

Austin, TX

Award: Outright; $168,000.00

A series of seven public forums across Texas and creation of accompanying educational resources exploring pivotal U.S. presidential elections and their relevance to the nation's current political culture.

Engaging Communities for the Common Good: Stories about Migration in the Public Square

University of Kansas Center for Research, Inc.

Lawrence, KS

Award: Outright; $140,811.00

The collection of stories, using a public forum, and other public programming, on Midwestern experiences related to new African immigrants.

The Second Founding: The History and Meaning of the Fourteenth Amendment

National Constitution Center

Philadelphia, PA

Award: Outright; $175,000.00

A public forum, public programs, production of podcasts, and creation of educational materials that explore the 14th Amendment's history and its relevance today.

Power and Place: A Year-long Project by Oregon Humanities

Oregon Humanities

Portland, OR

Award: Outright; $125,000.00

Implementation of 24 community discussions, a one-day public symposium, and numerous public programs all exploring issues of place, home, and belonging across Oregon.

CrossTalk: DC Reflects on Identity and Difference

Folger Shakespeare Library

Washington, DC

Award: Outright; $137,247.00

Convening multiple forums across Washington, D.C. and public programs addressing racial and religious identities through Shakespeare’s works.

Baltimore Stories: Narratives and the Life of and American City

University of Maryland, College Park

College Park, MD

Award: Outright; $225,000.00

A public forum and a series of public programs that would help the citizens of Baltimore to think about the narratives that are influencing the life and identity of the city.

Telling Our Stories of Home: Exploring and Celebrating Changing African Diaspora Communities

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill, NC

Award: Outright; $113,939.00

Implementation of a conference-festival, public programs, and educational seminars on the African diaspora in North Carolina.

Civil Rights Literacy and Its Benefits to the Common Good

University of Mississippi, Main Campus

University, MS

Award: Outright; $200,000.00

Implementation of a statewide project of public programs, a public forum in Jackson, and accompanying educational resources on the history of race and discrimination in Mississippi.

Food and Community: The Collective Human Experience

Northampton County Area Community College

Bethlehem, PA

Award: Outright; $156,340.00

Public forums and programs about the human and cultural values related to food and the role they play in the effort to ensure an adequate, safe, and appropriate food supply for all members of the community.

Citizenship Under Siege

Association of American Colleges and Universities

Washington, DC

Award: Outright; $200,000.00

One national and seven regional forums and related public programs at community colleges exploring the changing definitions and challenges to American citizenship.

The Democratic Dialogue Project

New York Council for the Humanities

New York, NY

Award: Outright; $200,000.00

Implementation of six town hall meetings modeling democratic dialogues, the creation of new “Reading and Discussion” modules, and “Community Conversation” toolkits on civic engagement.

The Arcadia Factory

County of Hamilton

Northville, NY

Award: Outright; $149,517.00

A public forum and programs exploring demographic change on the occasion of the Bicentennial of Hamilton County, New York in 2016. Ancillary materials would include educational materials and an interactive website.

E Pluribus Unum?: Missouri and the Fractured Society

Missouri Humanities Council

St. Louis, MO

Award: Outright; $225,000.00

Implementation of a public forum, a traveling exhibition, and year-long, state-wide series of public programs examining the history of cultural and social polarization in Missouri.

NEH on the Road

The following organizations received $1,000 grants for ancillary public humanities programs to accompany NEH on the Road traveling exhibitions.

Wild Land

California State University, Dominguez Hills Foundation

Carson, CA

The Power of Children

Southwestern Adventist University

Keene, TX


Box Elder Museum Foundation, Inc.

Brigham City, UT

Bandits and Heroes, Poets and Saints

Central Methodist University

Fayette, MO

The Power of Children

Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center Foundation

Buford, GA

The Power of Children

Spring Branch Independent School District

Houston, TX

Our Lives, Our Stories

Marion County Public Library

Monongah, WV

Bandits and Heroes, Poets and Saints

Brazos Valley Museum of Natural History

Bryan, TX

For All the World to See

Sioux City Museum and Historical Association

Sioux City, IA