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Humanities in the Public Square Applications Will Be Accepted in a New Grant Category

March 14, 2016 | By Public Programs Staff

The response to the last Humanities in the Public Square grant opportunity was enthusiastic, and the Division of Public programs will continue to support community discussion programs. The list of 21 awardees can be seen here. To continue to support community-based discussions in the future, the Division is creating a larger grant category that will welcome applicants with Humanities in the Public Square programming proposals. Guidelines for the new category are being developed and will be available at least two months before the next deadline, August 10, 2016.

Humanities in the Public Square programs are designed to demonstrate the vital role that humanities ideas can play in our civic life. The program invites projects that draw on humanities scholarship to engage the public in understanding some of today’s most challenging issues and pressing concerns. We welcome projects addressing a significant humanities theme that is important to a particular community, region, or state through accessible and sustained public programming. The project’s public programs can take many forms—book or film discussion programs, scholarly talks, local history projects, courses for lifelong learners, or other face-to-face programming. The programming should engage the public and/or specific audiences in sustained conversations.

For further information on the program, the previous guidelines are available. Be aware, however, that the new guidelines may contain important changes and that in submitting an application, the new guidelines must be followed.

Applicants are also encouraged, but not required, to submit a draft proposal or contact a Program Officer with questions. Drafts must be submitted at least six weeks before the deadline so that staff will have adequate time to respond. Drafts can be attached to an email and sent to publicpgms[at]neh[dot]gov. Staff can be reached by calling 202-606-8269.