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Sign Up for NEH-Funded "Institute for Globally Networked Learning in the Humanities"

January 5, 2011 | By Jennifer Serventi
With funding from the NEH program Institutes for Advanced Topics in the Digital Humanities, in the fall 2011 SUNY’s Center for Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) will be hosting a series of workshops for teams of humanities faculty and administrators on methods and approaches to creating internationally-connected humanities courses that use digital technology to bring together students and teachers across international classrooms. Drawing from their experience in this area, the SUNY team will address not only the technical issues of bringing the classes together, but the pedagogical ones as well. How can bringing in the perspectives of internationally-based students add to the learning environment? Applications will be accepted from college and university teams from across the U.S. led by a faculty member or members who are interested in developing a new course; modifying an existing course; or internationalizing a program through globally networked learning.    Workshops will be offered in five different focus areas in the humanities: 1. Freshman Foundations, 2. Human Societies, 3. Media Arts and Cultures, 4. Language and Literature, and 5. International Studies. Topics to be covered include setting disciplinaryspecific learning goals; fostering crosscultural engagement and dialogue; evaluating the technical support needs of globally networked learning environments; and engaging and supporting online collaborative initiatives as a means to promote and enhance study abroad.  Applications are due April 29, 2011. More information and application instructions can be found on COIL’s Call for Participation website.