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Grant Opportunity: NEH/DFG Bilateral Digital Humanities Program

July 11, 2012 | By Jason Rhody

The National Endowment for the Humanities continues its cooperation with the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft e.V., DFG) by offering another round of funding for the NEH/DFG Bilateral Digital Humanities Program.  The revised 2012 guidelines can be found at .  Please note that the deadline for submission is September 27, 2012 for projects beginning May 2013.

NEH and DFG are working together to offer support for projects that contribute to developing and implementing digital infrastructures and services for humanities research.  In order to encourage new approaches and develop innovative methods in any field of the humanities, these grants provide combined funding ranging from $100,000 to $350,000 (approximately €75,000 to €265,000) for up to three years in any of the following areas:

  • developing innovative methods—as well as standards and best practices—for building and merging digital collections that are important to the American and German scholarly community for use in research;
  • developing and implementing generic tools, methods, and techniques for accessing and processing digital resources relevant to humanities research;
  • ensuring the completion and long-term sustainability of existing digital resources (typically in conjunction with a library or archive);
  • creating new digital modes of scholarly communication and publishing that facilitate international cooperation and dissemination of humanities scholarship; and
  • developing models and case studies for effectively managing digital data generated in humanities research projects (for example, texts, audio files, photographs, 3D objects).

Collaboration between U.S. and German partners is a key requirement for this grant category. Each application must be sponsored by at least one eligible German individual or institution, and at least one U.S. institution, and there must be a project director from each country. The partners will collaborate to write a single application package, which will be submitted to both NEH and DFG for consideration.

Program questions from applicants in the United States should be directed to Jason Rhody in NEH’s Office of Digital Humanities at jrhody[at]neh[dot]gov.

Program questions from German applicants should be directed to Christoph Kümmel at DFG at christoph.kuemmel[at]dfg[dot]de.