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May 2006

                                                                                     May 2006

… the latest from Suite 603

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With this email, Federal/State Partnership begins a new way to stay in touch with all 56 state and jurisdictional humanities councils. On a regular basis, we will keep you posted about NEH news, upcoming dates and events, and--in some cases--ask for your help.

We are sending this first message to all council executives and board chairs as well as to the staffs of all councils (as best we can determine them from your websites), the Federation, and Federal/State Partnership. With this e-postcard, we do ask for your help.

We want to be able to communicate easily with council executives, chairs, and staff. Please forward this message to those in your council who have not gotten it, using the "forward to a friend or colleague" button. Please ask each to sign up and provide both their contact information and relationship to the council. This way we can build our list and be able to communicate directly with those to whom each message pertains.

You can also use the "preferences" link below to update your contact information. This will be especially helpful when, for example, board chairs change (in that case, the former board chair would use the "opt-out" option and someone--presumably the executive--would use the "forward to a friend or colleague" button to send it to the new board chair, who would then sign up), and councils change their names and/or contact information. We hope that this will be an easy way for you to keep us informed about changes at your Council.

When you were here recently for Humanities on the Hill (it was great to see so many of you), you heard a lot about Chairman Bruce Cole's new initiative: Digital Humanities. NEH is creating a catalogue of digital projects it has funded over the last five years, and will include projects either developed or supported by state humanities councils. It can include the gamut from content-rich e-newsletters to online encyclopedias.

Please email a list of your Council's projects either to Kathleen Mitchell or to Dwan Reece by the end of June.

As of April 1, 2006, the general liability insurance policies that NEH provides each council has been renewed for the same amount of coverage as last year. You will receive a paper copy of the policies within the next few weeks. Please compare these policies with those you carry yourselves to make sure that you aren't paying for overlapping coverage. The broker is McManus Serra & Klein Insurance Brokers, Inc. (400 Greenwood Avenue, Wyncote, PA 19095, 215.481.0400). Our contact person now is Marvin J. Klein, Executive Vice President. His extension is 404 and his email address is marvin[at]msk-traderisk[dot]com. Kathleen Mitchell is the Federal/State Partnership contact for insurance. Her phone number is 202.606.8302.

Compliance plans are due June 1. Questions? Contact Dwan Reece. Interim Self-Assessment Reports are also due June 1 for councils reviewed in 2003.

Information you might find interesting: The National Council of Nonprofit Associations is organizing a nationwide Nonprofit Congress in Washington, October 16-17. The goal of the Congress is to gather together a cross-section of nonprofits that reflect the actual size, shape, and diversity of U.S. nonprofits. The objectives of the process of which the Congress is only part is to "forge a common identity based on shared values, develop a unified vision and message, and exercise a collective voice." Because state humanities councils reach down deep into the local cultural nonprofit world, you might want to find out more about what NCNA is doing and how that might help strengthen the nonprofit sector in your area.

Out and about: Over the next month, Edie will be at the Western Directors meeting in Missoula, and Dwan and Kathleen will be in New York City for the Program Officers meeting. Kathleen will be involved with the site visit to the Ohio Humanities Council and Edie will do the site visit to Humanities Tennessee. Kathleen will judge for National History Day. We look forward to seeing you.

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Dwan Reece, senior program officer

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