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March 2014

the latest from suite 603 — March 17, 2014

Nina Kemppel, Alaska Humanities Forum's CEO, in front of the Olympic flame at the winter olympics last month in Sochi. Nina is also a director of the US Olympic Committee, a four-time Olympian in cross-country skiing (2002, 1998, 1994 and 1992), and an 18-time national champion.

info + graphics

Brush up your media literary

Illinois Humanities Council's Cafe Society suggests that you start your own community conversation and provides a toolkit. It tells how a cafe society works, how to get started, and how to get the media to work for you. Better yet, it gives on a quick online course in media literary via Prezi. Watch it!

Animated info & a little history

The rapid-fire visual seems very modern but some know that it really started decades ago with Rowen & Martin's Laugh-In (1968-73). FedState has caught up and has an animated visual that is an adaptation of our "one-pager" about our work. The online visuals can be quickly grasped. The pdf of the Prezi is much bigger than one page.

In a glance

Pennsylvania Humanities Council communicates its strategic plan and its humanities network in Pennsylvania with infographics. Laurie Zierer, PHC's ED, says that, "Legislators loved our infographics" during Humanities on the Hill. PHC tweeted and Facebooked the graphic about Pennsylvania's broad humanities context. Another graphic focuses on Teen Reading Lounge.

mobile content

Responsive and adaptive web design

With more web traffic driven from smartphones and tablets, multi-device layouts are vital. Nonprofit Quarterly links to 11 websites that respond both to desktops and mobiles. Load a site on both and compare. Two favorites: Pew Research Center and Rijksmuseum (finding the language choice on a mobile is a little hard).

Digital Projects for the Public

NEH Public Programs. Supports: games, websites, online experiences, mobile and site-specific apps. Discovery funding: up to $30K for research & design. Prototyping funding: up to $100K culminating in a proof-of-concept project prototype. Deadline: June 11; application not yet posted. Great contact: Marc Ruppel.

working together

Jeff Bolster and Greg White<br />
Jeff Bolster and Greg White

Humanities Council of Washington, DC and NEH collaborated to premiere "The Scholar & the Sailor." The film tells of a DC man, Greg White, who read Jeff Bolster's NEH-funded book Black Jacks: African American Seamen in the Age of Sail while in prison. The book and their correspondence about it changed their lives. Both Greg and Jeff were at the premiere. NEH's Mark Katkov was the film's executive producer. He says that the "vision, passion, and empathy" of the Meridian Hill Pictures filmmakers "shine through."

Walter Isaacson's Jefferson Lecture will be given May 12 at Washington's Kennedy Center. Free tickets will be available first-come-first-served on April 22.

Good news NEH will live stream the Jefferson Lecture to state councils, libraries, educational and similar venues around the country. Shortly after the event, the video of the Lecture will be on the NEH website and available to serve as a centerpiece for film nights and discussion programs.

April + poetry + Vermont Humanities Council = (Montpelier becomes PoemCity) + (Michaela Coplen, a National Student Poet, gives workshops and poetry readings)
NEH Matters a new section on the NEH website that includes an infographic about NEH funding. Red is the actual appropriation, gold is that amount adjusted for inflation.
NEH funded a TV film of Solomon Northrup's Twelve Years a Slave decades before Hollywood discovered it. Famed photographer Gordon Parks received a 1981 grant from NEH. See EDSITEment for more about Solomon Northup & slave narratives.

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