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March 2007

                                                                                     March 28, 2007

… the latest from Suite 603

We The People

the second and last 2007
We The People application deadline
for state humanities councils
is May 1 with announcement in August


two We The People projects have recently been launched

  • The Northern Mariana Islands Council for the Humanities announced the release of a substantial collection of historical documents associated with the three CNMI Constitutional Conventions. Entitled “The Making of a Constitution: Documents from the Northern Mariana Islands Constitutional Conventions 1976, 1985, and 1995,” the collection comprises digital copies of approximately 31,000 pages of documents that are contained on a fully searchable DVD. Read more >>>
  • The National Endowment for the Humanities and the Library of Congress announced that "Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers" is debuting online with more than 226,000 pages of public domain newspapers from California, Florida, Kentucky, New York, Utah, Virginia, and the District of Columbia published between 1900 and 1910. The text of the newspapers is fully searchable, and search terms can be limited to a particular state, a specific newspaper, by year or years of publication and even by months. The new site is available at Read more >>>


welcome …

… to Dr. Shelley Crisp, the new Executive Director of the North Carolina Humanities Council.

… to Cara Ungar-Gutierrez, the new Executive Director of the Oregon Council for the Humanities.

We look forward to meeting Shelley and Cara—and many of you—at Humanities on the Hill in a couple of weeks.


farewell …

… to David Cronin, retiring Executive Director of the New York Council for the Humanities. Wherever we are, let's all lift glasses in his honor on Thursday, March 29, from 6 to 8 pm EDT, the time of his retirement party in New York City.


congratulations …

… to the Maine Humanities Council for receiving one of NEH's first Digital Humanities Grants to to design, market, and test a "humanities on demand" podcasting capability.

… to the Vermont Humanities Council for an NEH grant (from the Division of Public Programs) to support a wide-ranging effort to identify sites throughout the state related to the home front of the Civil War.

… to the Florida Humanities Council for a grant from the Division of Education Programs to support three one-day workshops for fifty Florida K-12 teachers on historic St. Augustine and the Spanish colonial experience in America.


good links …

Sign up to receive updates about NEH's Digitial Humanities Initiative. Read more >>>

Pamela Hilton Snow, executive director of the Nebraska Cultural Endowment and former member of the boards of both the Nebraska Humanities Council and the Nebraska Foundation for the Humanities, points out an excellent source of information for nonprofit governance and accountability: the report of the Panel on the Nonprofit Sector, convened by Independent Sector. The final report was presented to Congress and the Nonprofit Sector in June 2005. The final report is available for download. Its 15 recommendations include such topics as executive compensation, conflicts of interest, and disclosure of performance data. The Executive Summary on page 4 is especially helpful. Read more about the Panel on the Nonprofit Sector >>>


mark your calendars …

April 16-18Humanities on the Hill 

May 1We The People application deadline

May 82007 Jefferson Lecture 

May 8-9meeting of the National Council on the Humanities 

June 1State Humanities Council Annual Compliance Plans are due. Watch for an email from Edie Manza announcing the availability of this year's compliance plan website 


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