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June 2006

                                                                                     June 2006

… the latest from Suite 603

Mayor Anthony Williams of Washington, DC, with the shadow of HCWDC Director of Programs and photographer, Jennifer Foley.
Meet Jennifer Foley, Director of Programs for the Humanities Council of Washington, DC.

When this photo appeared in the Washington Post magazine on June 11, Jennifer wrote: "I took this picture of Mayor Anthony Williams [of Washington, DC] at the 25th anniversary celebration of the Humanities Council of Washington in March. I work for the council, and it was, in a way, my chance to have my picture taken with the mayor."

View more of Jennifer's photographs at

Send Federal/State Partnership your great council photos so we can share them with all of you.

Our summer intern is Zahreen Ghaznavi, a rising junior in political science at Yale University. Her home is Ann Arbor, MI. She is hard at work this summer pulling together all the information you sent in your compliance plans and plans to take a special look at the kinds of projects you have done as part of the We the People initiative. Zahreen may call you at some point over the summer for additional information.

Thanks for your help in keeping us up to date. This is the second edition of Federal/State Partnership's e-newsletter. We plan to send one out about once a month to executives, board chairs, and council staff members. Please be sure that everyone at your council receives it and is on the list. If someone on your staff did not receive this newsletter, please forward it to them--using the "forward to a friend" button available--and ask them to sign up for it. In addition, if a board chair is no longer holding that position, please ask him or her to "opt out" and then forward the newsletter to the new chair so that she or he can sign up.

Congratulations to Erik Jorgensen, newly selected Executive Director of the Maine Humanities Council. It was a pleasure to meet new President/CEO of Humanities Washington, Ted Lord, at the Western Directors meeting in Missoula, MT.

We appreciate all the work you did preparing and submitting the compliance plans. Thank you! We are in the midst of reviewing each report and compiling statistics in preparation for the Endowment's National Council meeting in July. This information helps us prepare materials for NEH's use around the government, including the annual congressional budget submission, that explain the immensity and depth of the work you do.

Copies of the general liability insurance policies will be in the mail to each council within the next few days. Please be on the look out for this package. You will want to compare these policies with those you carry yourselves to make sure that you aren't paying for overlapping coverage. The broker is McManus Serra & Klein Insurance Brokers, Inc. (400 Greenwood Avenue, Wyncote, PA 19095, 215.481.0400). Our contact person now is Marvin J. Klein, Executive Vice President. His extension is 404 and his email address is marvin[at]msk-traderisk[dot]com. Kathleen Mitchell is the Federal/State Partnership contact for insurance. Her phone number is 202.606.8302.

NEH is very interested to know the kinds of digital humanities projects state humanities councils have initiated and supported. Please email a list of your Council's projects either to Kathleen Mitchell or to Dwan Reece by the end of June. We want to give NEH every opportunity to brag about the great work being done digitally and every other way by all of you. Should funds be made available for digital humanities projects, we will need to make as strong a case as possible that state humanities councils are key to NEH's impact around the country. Thanks so much for your help.

The National Council on the Humanities will meet July 27 and 28. The We the People applications submitted for the May 1 deadline will be reviewed then. We will phone or email those of you who applied then as soon as Chairman Cole has made his final decisions.

Reminder about information you might find interesting: The National Council of Nonprofit Associations is organizing a nationwide Nonprofit Congress in Washington, October 16-17. The goal of the Congress is to gather together a cross-section of nonprofits that reflect the actual size, shape, and diversity of U.S. nonprofits. The objectives of the process of which the Congress is only part is to "forge a common identity based on shared values, develop a unified vision and message, and exercise a collective voice." Because state humanities councils reach down deep into the local cultural nonprofit world, you might want to find out more about what NCNA is doing and how that might help strengthen the nonprofit sector in your area.

Out and about: Dwan and Kathleen are looking forward to seeing many of you at the program officers meeting in New York City. Edie will go to Nashville at the end of June for the site visit at Humanities Tennessee and Dwan will be in Bismarck for the North Dakota Humanities Council site visit in mid July. NEH Chairman Bruce Cole and Carole Watson, Assistant Chairman for Partnership and National Affairs, will visit Nevada Humanities in time to enjoy the Great Basin Chautauqua.

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Edie Manza, director
Kathleen Mitchell, senior program officer
Shirley Newman, program assistant
Dwan Reece, senior program officer
Zahreen Ghaznavi, summer intern

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