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January 2009

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January 30, 2009

Kentucky Humanities Council presents,
Our Lincoln, a musical-historical grand celebration of
Abraham Lincoln's 200th birthday,
on Monday, February 2, at Washington's Kennedy Center

Abraham Lincoln
Federal/State Partnership welcomes Carole M. Watson as NEH's Acting Chair
Eight new council executives come to Washington next week for NEH and Federation orientation sessions
Hawai'i Council for the Humanities' We Go Eat
Federal/State Partnership website features the Digital File Cabinet

Visit the Federal/State Partnership website frequently. 

This website is a resource for executives, boards, and staff of state humanities councils. Join the Federal/State Partnership email list from the first page of the website.

Federal/State Partnership welcomes Carole M. Watson as NEH's Acting Chair

In a letter to her signed on Inauguration Day, January 20th, President Barack Obama appointed long-time NEH careerist Carole Watson to be Acting Chair of the National Endowment for the Humanities. Most recently, Watson has been Assistant Chairman for Partnership and National Affairs with direct oversight of Federal/State Partnership. Her history with the state humanities councils is longstanding. Prior to joining the Chairman's staff in 1995, she was both Deputy Director and Director of the Division of State Programs, the precursor of Federal/State Partnership. She has also served as Interim Executive Director of the President's  Committee on the Arts and the Humanities. 

Dr. Watson is a recipient of Blewett and Ford Foundation fellowships and has been a senior fellow of the Council for Excellence in Government since 1991. She received her doctoral degree in American Cultural History from George Washington University. She is the author of Prologue (1985), a study of the novels written by African American women between 1859 and 1965.

Eight new council executives come to Washington next week for NEH and Federation orientation sessions

For the third time, Federal/State Partnership and the Federation of State Humanities Councils will host their annual orientation for new executive directors. Eight executives hired in the last year will attend. They will meet with Federal/State Partnership and members of the NEH staff all day Wednesday and Thursday morning, February 4-5. At noon on Thursday, they will move to the Federation's offices in Arlington to learn more about the work of the Federation. A joint dinner is being held Thursday evening. The Federation orientation continues on Friday, the 6th. 

Click on their names to read the bios of the 2008-2009 class of executives: Keira Amstutz (Indiana Humanities Council), Christina Barr (Nevada Humanities), Phoebe Stein Davis (Maryland Humanities Council), Brenna Daugherty (North Dakota Humanities Council), Ken Egan (Humanities Montana), Antonio V. Deleon Guerrero (Northern Mariana Islands Council for the Humanities), Ralph Lewin (California Council for the Humanities), and Herbert J. Paine (Arizona Humanities Council).

Since 2003, 28 council executives joined the state humanities council network. There is currently an opening for an executive director of Humanities Washington.

Hawai'i Council for the Humanities' We Go Eat

The Hawai'i Council for the Humanities has published We Go Eat, A Mixed Plate From Hawai'i's Food Culture. "Mango: Jelly Substitute" is a favorite (page 66).

Yu no mi,
Ai kelek maenggo.
Ai yuzu kuk da maenggo.
Ai kuk li bit shuga,
Braun shuga ya kukom.
An den putom aw lin a bato.
An den bambai wen ai go jringk kawfi
Ai teik da bred,
Ai meik da maenggo awn tawp
Wit maenggo aez mai jele, ai itom.

You know me, I collect mango. I used to cook the mango. I cook the mango. I put little bit sugar, brown sugar, yeah, cook 'em. And then put 'em all in a bottle. And then bumbai (later) when I go drink coffee, I take the bread, I make the mango on top. With mango as my jelly, I eat 'em.

(This is an excerpt from Ernest Richardson's interview in Lanai'i Ranch: The People of Ko'ele and Keomuku [Center for Oral History, 1989]).

Thanks to HCH board chair Warren Nishimoto for introducing Kathleen to the delights of mango preserves.

Federal/State Partnership website features the Digital File Cabinet

The Federal/State Partnership Working Together website ( has collected virtually all the NEH documents councils need in a Digital File Cabinet. Right at the top of the website's first page, you can find links to, for example, the current liability insurance policies, information about the self-assessment and review process, managing your NEH general operating support grants, contact information for councils (as current as we can keep it) and NEH staff, NEH logos, and the current NEH orientation slide show. New to the website is Design for Accessibility: A Cultural Administrator's Handbook, a joint publication of NEH and the National Endowment for the Arts which is now out of print in hard copies.

There are links to the NEH's and state humanities councils' founding legislation, compliance plan data, and, very importantly, a link to sign up to receive this monthly e-newsletter. We count on each one of you to make sure that all your colleagues at your council have signed up to receive it! Thanks.

Explore the website at large. Check out the bios of all council executives and Federal/State Partnership staff (links below). There's also a nonprofit resource center that may prove to be very important to you in these difficult economic times. If there are resources that should be added to this page, please let Kathleen Mitchell know. There are even links to all the e-newsletters we've sent out—look on the left side of the first page.

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