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February 2014

the latest from suite 603 — February 20, 2014

Montana Authors Project

Humanities Montana's Montana Authors Project reads A. B. Guthrie, Jr.'s The Big Sky. The orange map points mark crucial moments in the story. The digital discussion takes place on HM's Facebook page.

Media Savvy

Web Video

National Council for the Humanities member Cathy Davidson posted a video about why the humanities matter on the "Humanities Matter" website—so have Ryan Hunt, Ray Siemens, and Alan Liu. You can too. This website asks, "Do you believe the humanities matter? Tell us why."

Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities' Winter 2013-14 Cultural Vistas
Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities' Winter 2013-14 Cultural Vistas

Launch Parties

Mark Rothko in New Orleans was featured at the party launching the latest Cultural Vistas. The January event featured authors who wrote for the issue, donated drinks and snacks, a gourmet pasta truck outside, and a robust audience. Brian Boyles, Director of Public Relations & Programs, says LEH's six launch parties have proven to be "a cost effective public humanities program."


Texas Originals is a radio series profiling people like librarian and collection builder Nettie Lee Benson. You can listen to it on KUHF and other Texas stations, and read it online and download it from iTunes. Many of the "originals" appear in the Texas social studies and language arts curricula.


The top left corner of the West Virginia Humanities Council's front webpage.
The top left corner of the West Virginia Humanities Council's front webpage.

Quick & Easy Donations

Fifty of the 56 humanities councils have a donation link right up front on their websites, all but four of which appear on the initial screen with no need to scroll down. That's good. The Chronicle of Philanthropy notes the need for nonprofits to use mobile devices and to make it very quick and easy for donors to give. It will hold a webinar about fundraising apps on February 25.

Working Together

Stuart Rockoff & NEH On the Road

Mississippi Humanities Council's new ED teamed up with Caroline Cortina from NEH's Division of Public Programs to introduce the "House and Home" exhibition to host museums and suggested ways to work with their state humanities council. Read about Stuart's experience on the road.

Collaborative Grantwriting Workshops

Russ Wyland, Deputy Director of NEH's Research Division, says that, "We’re becoming much more systematic about reaching out to state councils, and we’re finding that their involvement improves the workshop and, perhaps in some small way, improves relations between DC and the states."

New in the FedState Resource Library.

A couple of good ideas about boards from Blue Avocado: Make a bylaws cheat sheet and Ten Things Boards Do Right (Without Even Realizing It). More from Blue Avocado and other nonprofit resources are a click away in our Resource Library.

Welcome to Briann G. Greenfield, the new executive director of the New Jersey Council for the Humanities. Briann comes to New Jersey from coordinating the public history program at Central Connecticut State University and serving on the board of CT Humanities.
Walter Isaacson: Franklin, Einstein, Jobs, and now the Jefferson Lecture on May 12. His topic is "The Intersection of the Humanities and the Sciences."
Mardi Gras Indians, dancing, and music are in New Hampshire.
Mass Humanities will visit Ghana October 22-30, 2014.

Oklahoma Humanities Council's magazine, Oklahoma Humanities, is now on EDSITEment. "Brief History of African American Humor" is on the Black History Month page under the heading "general."

Tweet so FedState can Retweet. Meg Ferris McReynolds is Retweeter-in-Chief. has posted its 1,000th article. Congratulations.

The Latino Experience charts NEH funding across four divisions. Fedstate's contribution is the New York Humanities Council's Unidos: A reading and discussion program for bilingual families.

Indiana Humanities hosts an INconversation with Mark Samels, executive producer of PBS' American Experience. American Experience includes "Freedom Riders" and the upcoming film "Freedom Summer" about the 1964 civil rights movement.

NEH's Meredith Hindley notes that the University of California Press has recently made almost 800 books open access.


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