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December 2011

Federal/State Partnership wishes you a
holiday season filled with iconic images,
rich metaphors and memories,
and wonderful stories.

Here's our story for you—a humanities story about two humanities councils and a 93-year-old who supplies Chautauqua tents and loves the humanities.

 Sam Siclair, whose company provides the tents and who loves the humanities.
Laura McCarty, Vice President of the Georgia Humanities Council, first told us about Sam Siclair:

"My colleague Sherry Siclair at the Atlanta-Fulton Library was in the midst of telling me nice things about the GHC when she mentioned that her 93-year-old father in Ohio is a major fan of the Ohio Humanities Council. His connection to them came via the fact that he owns a company that bids and supplies tents for the OHC Chautauqua. Sherri said he sends her copies of the OHC newsletter, with handwritten notes about how wonderful the programs are. She said when she tells him that there is a council in Georgia, too, he doesn’t always hear her, and so he said he wanted to contact OHC to find out if there are programs she can attend in Georgia . . ."

Sherry Siclair, Development Director, Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System picks up the story:

"I am proud to send you photos of my father, Sam Siclair in his shop, Galion Canvas Products. He is 93 years old and continues to work full time and ½ days on Saturdays! His shop makes the tents for Ohio Chautauqua, which he loves. His quote to me is that he is so proud to provide these tents and ‘Can you believe our federal government supports such important work?’ He is right. We cannot do without our humanities councils!"

"Can you believe our federal government supports such important work?" —Sam Siclair

Thank you, Mr. Siclair, and happy holidays to you, your family, and to everyone who shares and supports our love and appreciation for the humanities.


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