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April 2014


Quite likely the last news from suite 603 —April 15, 2014

Standing Together. The Humanities and the Experience of War

One takeaway: show support for veterans as people; don't let opinions about war get in the way.

The military stories of California's Inland Empire will be explored in Wild Blue Yonder, a Cal Humanities/Community Stories-supported exhibit at the Riverside Art Museum, opening April 25.

working together / standing together

Journey to Normal is an NEH-funded film about women returning from war.
Journey to Normal is an NEH-funded film about women returning from war.

State humanities councils are at the heart of NEH's new initiative, Standing Together: The Humanities and the Experience of War, designed to encourage the development and implementation of powerful humanities programming for and about veterans. Over half a million dollars has been set aside specifically for the 56 state and jurisdictional councils.

Each of the councils is being offered $10,000 in additional funding to support new or existing humanities programs for or about veterans.


changing perceptions

 Anna Pocaro Manley. Trisha Empey took the photos of the 100 students that are mounted on the exterior school walls.
Photographer: Anna Pocaro Manley. Trisha Empey took the photos of the 100 students that are mounted on the exterior school walls.

We Are One Inside Out is a public art project by 10-graders inspired by their teacher, Jorge Rojas, by a Utah Humanities Council Clemente Course on the history of public art, and by their participation in the national Achievement Via Individiual Determination (AVID) program. These sophomores considered whether art can change the world and affect people’s perceptions and ideas. They wanted Salt Lake City to know that East High—the school that was the setting for Disney’s “High School Musical”—isn't all white. To tell that story and to change peoples' understanding, they mounted pictures of themselves on the walls of their school, showing the world outside who they are inside.


pinning poetry

National Poetry Month. Pinterest. Kansas Humanities Council.

  1. Print postcard templates and writing prompts, beginning April 1.
  2. Share poetry – original and by others – on the postcards.
  3. Scan & Email postcards to leslie(at)
  4. Visit KHC’s Pinterest page to see your Pin-Up Poetry!

President Obama has announced his intention to nominate William "Bro" Adams, president of Colby College, to chair NEH.


Walter Isaacson's Jefferson Lecture will be given May 12 at Washington's Kennedy Center. Free tickets will be available first-come-first-served on April 22. Check out a video interview with Isaacson.

* Video of "The Intersection of the Humanities and the Sciences" will make for great public humanities programming now and in the future.

* Post your Jefferson Lecture event on the NEH website!

Sometime in May, NEH will move to Constitution Center at 400 7th Street, SW. Stay tuned.


The 2014-2015 general liability insurance policies are available. Need copies? Kathleen Mitchell will send them to you.

Cinco de Mayo with 5 new EDs. FedState hosts Angel Ysaguirre, Illinois; Ben Chandler, Kentucky; Stuart Rockoff, Mississippi; Briann Greenfield, New Jersey; & Shannon Smith, Wyoming.

NEH's Russ Wyland held a grantwriting workshop with Humanities Montana in Missoula. The proof: Russ' picture with Amy Fowler Kinch, UM; Russ, Ken Egan, Humanities Montana; Tobin Shearer, UM & HM.



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