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Oklahoma Humanities Council launches EXTRA!

May 23, 2012 | By Federal/State Partnership Staff

For centuries newspapers were the key source for breaking news. "Extra" editions were printed, often several times a day, to bring readers expanded coverage of stories as they developed. According to Washington Post columnist John Kelly, "extra" was used not as a synonym for "additional," but as a form of the word "extraordinary." It indicated extraordinary news.

In the spirit of this "extra" edition, Oklahoma Humanities has launched EXTRA!, a supplement to their tri-annual magazine that gives their readers extraordinary information beyond what is in the current issue. Readers will find items such as author-generated discussion questions and suggested sources for further reading and inquiry. The materials found in EXTRA! are great for generating community conversations and are also useful for teachers to encourage students to think critically about issues and ideas brought up in the essays, allowing for meaningful discussion both inside and outside of the classroom.

Go ahead and read all about it!